Melissa Davis


Executive Director

MAR Graduate-

Trained Pet Detective


Mission Coordinator

Brandon Ciullo

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MAR Graduate-

Trained Pet Detective


Mission Coordinator

Casey Martin

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Suzie VerSchure

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Teresia Swift

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Douglas Zidel

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Founding Donor

Andria Pyn

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Our WHY!

We started Summit Lost Pet Rescue because searching for lost pets has been a passion of Melissa & Brandon's for many years! We both have unofficially searched for lost pets for the past few years, before we teamed up last fall on Outlaw's rescue on Vail Pass. Melissa initially volunteered with Summit County Animal Control & Shelter and fell in love with the shelter animals. She assisted Animal Control and Shelter staff with many lost dog searches around the county and was heavily involved with the searches for Jackson in Summit Cove, Lucy in Keystone, and Chevy at Herman's Gulch. When they were all found safely, she knew her passion was to find lost pets and has continued to help with many more!! Brandon initially started Summit County Loves Their Pets facebook page to help find a friend's lost dog. This page grew in popularity among all animal lovers in the county, and people starting sharing posts about lost pets and it just took off with lost pet searches. Brandon has since helped with many lost dog rescues in Summit.

Brandon & Melissa started working together unofficially on many dog searches over the years and we decided we could better help our Summit community find more lost pets if we teamed up and started this nonprofit! We are so grateful for the Summit County Animal Shelter & Staff's partnership as well as the community's support and volunteers who help in our searches. It truly takes a village! We couldn't have started this nonprofit without the help of Doug Zidel, Andria Pyn and John Carver. Their hard work and dedication to our mission made this become a reality for us!  We look forward to serving our pet community more as we grow and reuniting more lost pets with their families!