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More Success Stories
*this is a small fraction of the rescues that we've completed. We do our best to highlight our missions but can't get them all listed here. 

Silky- lost 5 days 

Silky ran off while on a hike in a very steep section of our trail system. There were zero sightings for 4 days.  A scent station was put at the trailhead to draw her down the mountain.  (This is ALWAYS the first thing to do if you lose a dog while hiking) Finally, on the 5th day, she was spotted sniffing her dog bed at the trailhead.  She bolted when she saw this person and ran back through the trail system again. After a couple miles, she was spotted at a different trailhead  a few miles away.  This time she was seen by our trained volunteer who started calming techniques. After only a few minutes, Silky submitted and said she wanted to go home. Never ever chase a lost dog. Calming techniques and scent station for the win!!!

Konan- Lost 9 days

Konan is an indoor only cat who escaped out his back balcony door.  There were no sightings of him at all.  The owner reached out for help so we set up a cell camera.  We got him on camera soon after and were getting ready to set a trap.  However at 2am on Day 9, we saw him on camera again, and the owner quietly snuck outside and started gently calling his name and shaking his favorite treats. He didn't come out but she saw him hiding under the neighbors deck and was able to coax him out and she securely grabbed him. Welcome home sweet Konan!


Frankie -Lost 66 days
Frankie was missing for 66 days and was finalllllly captured today!!!! We didn’t have any true leads until this past week. The owner hung more flyers, we hung neons to spread the word and got a scent station set up with a camera near his sightings. Well today was the day and we couldn’t be more grateful for Erika & Dan for calling in the sighting and the owners and animal control showing up on scene within minutes. A huge thank you to Catherine at Summit County Animal Control and Shelter for showing up just in time and for helping so much! They were blocking Frankie from running into traffic highway 6 and trying to give him space and time to go to mama willingly. Well he did go to mama, but then got spooked and tried to jump and run again! The rest of the crew said “nope not this time Frankie” and all jumped on to secure him and get him safely into the crate!!! He has been seen by a vet and has a clean bill of health!! WELCOME HOME FRANKIE!!! Enjoy your snuggles, food, warmth and love from your amazing family who worked VERY hard to get you back!!! You are one lucky, smart and resilient kitty!

Lola & Frank - Lost 4 days

Frank & Lola were lost out of their home area and we were contacted right away. Scent stations and neons were put up asap and the search began.  There were NO sightings at all for 3 days. Then, the owner got a call that they were FOUND way up on trail by Good Samaritans and were being hiked out to get reunited!!!  Thank you so much SLPR TEAM and the Summit Community and Summit County Animal Control and Shelter !!!


Eddie -Lost 1day

OWNER FOUND & WELCOME HOME!!!! This is Eddie! He's an indoor only cat who escaped unknowingly from the owner. Get this.... he is 22 YEARS OLD!!! He's not hurt, not dying, just old and frail and arthritic! Thank you Ann for posting this sweet kitty, and thanks to our SLPR team who ran out to go save him!! Ashley Zac and Aaron!! Ya'll saved this guy!! Thank you Summit County Animal Control and Shelter for taking the kitty in and reuniting with its owner!!!