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More Success Stories
*this is a small fraction of the rescues that we've completed. We do our best to highlight our missions but can't get them all listed here. 

Missing: 9/12/22- 11/13/22- Lost 66 days

Frankie was missing for 66 days and was finalllllly captured today!!!! We didn’t have any true leads until this past week. The owner hung more flyers, we hung neons to spread the word and got a scent station set up with a camera near his sightings. Well today was the day and we couldn’t be more grateful for Erika & Dan for calling in the sighting and the owners and animal control showing up on scene within minutes. A huge thank you to Catherine at Summit County Animal Control and Shelter for showing up just in time and for helping so much! They were blocking Frankie from running into traffic highway 6 and trying to give him space and time to go to mama willingly. Well he did go to mama, but then got spooked and tried to jump and run again! The rest of the crew said “nope not this time Frankie” and all jumped on to secure him and get him safely into the crate!!! He has been seen by a vet and has a clean bill of health!! WELCOME HOME FRANKIE!!! Enjoy your snuggles, food, warmth and love from your amazing family who worked VERY hard to get you back!!! You are one lucky, smart and resilient kitty!

Lola & Frank
Missing: 11/8/22- 11/11/22- Lost 4 days

Frank & Lola were lost out of their home area and we were contacted right away. Scent stations and neons were put up asap and the search began.  There were NO sightings at all for 3 days. Then, the owner got a call that they were FOUND way up on trail by Good Samaritans and were being hiked out to get reunited!!!  Thank you so much SLPR TEAM and the Summit Community and Summit County Animal Control and Shelter !!!


Missing: 9/16/22- 9/17/22- Lost 1day

OWNER FOUND & WELCOME HOME!!!! This is Eddie! He's an indoor only cat who escaped unknowingly from the owner. Get this.... he is 22 YEARS OLD!!! He's not hurt, not dying, just old and frail and arthritic! Thank you Ann for posting this sweet kitty, and thanks to our SLPR team who ran out to go save him!! Ashley Zac and Aaron!! Ya'll saved this guy!! Thank you Summit County Animal Control and Shelter for taking the kitty in and reuniting with its owner!!!

Missing: 9/1/22- 9/2/22- Lost 1.5 days


WELCOME HOME HANK!  Missing for 36 hours!

Hank is a sweet indoor only cat who escaped from his house. We had a couple Summit Lost Pet Rescue, Inc.  team members go out to search and our volunteer Laurie found him in a drain pipe two houses down. He was a FAST little guy and hopped from pipe to pipe around the neighborhood, until we were finally able to block him fully on both ends from the pipe. The owner showed up to try to lure him out, but he wouldn't budge. We decided to give him a little nudge (poke his butt with a pole) and it pushed him closer to his owner and he was finally able to put a lead leash around his neck and grab him by the neck.  After a bit of mud and a few scratches, we finally got him home safe and sound!

Missing: 6/20/22- 6/20/22- Lost 1/2 day

WELCOME HOME MAGGIE!!! She's an indoor only cat and this was a very terrifying missing report because Maggie fell off the 2nd story balcony in the morning and the owner was frantic. A friend of the owner called us and one of our volunteers found out as well and got our Team going. We told the owner to canvas the neighborhood and make all of my neighbors aware that she was missing right away. We also hung neons to get the word out asap. The owner says that it was a direct result of that effort that she was found. Neighbors helped search all day for her and at 11:30pm a neighbor found her in her window well. Maggie was unharmed by this fall fortunately and is very happy to be back home with her mama!