More Success Stories

Missing: 12/28/21-12/30/21


 WELCOME HOME INDY!! Indy went missing during a very cold winter storm warning in Breck, when he ran out the door from a vacation rental. We believe he had separation anxiety and was looking for his mom. The owners quickly contacted us and we put our team into action right away, hanging neon signs, putting out dirty clothes for Scent Station, and quickly doing a social media campaign. The owners and our volunteers ran out the door searching for him right away and did not stop until he was found safe. Sightings started coming in pretty quickly and we were happy to hear that he was staying in the area. But then, 26 hours went by with no sightings and we believe that he was hunkered down because of the snow. Then in the afternoon we started getting more sightings come in near the grocery store. A guy saw him run down Wellington and was able to capture him successfully!! Great work Team Breck and the owners, thanks for jumping on this rescue so quickly!

Missing: 12/23/21-12/29/21


Charley went missing on 12/23 and was found 6 days later. The owner reached out to us and our team put up neon signs and did a very quick social media campaign to get the word out and searched. We had neighbors calling letting us know that they were searching their properties to try to help. No sightings came in however on the 6th day Charley reappeared at his house and the owner heard him meowing outside. He was a very smart and resilient kitty making his way back home. He did suffer some injuries as it looked like he got into a fight. The vet however thinks he will have a full recovery. WELCOME HOME CHARLEY!!!

Missing: 12/9/21-12/12/21


WELCOME HOME SONIC! Missing for 3 days!

Sonic was a newly adopted dog that accidentally got out after a door was left open. We worked closely with the owner and shelter staff since Sonic just came from the shelter and was bonded with some of the shelter techs. So we got some scent articles from them to create a scent station to give him an orientation point to come back to his new home. We hung neons to get lots of sightings and had numerous volunteers out searching. On Day 3 one of our volunteers was walking her dog in Silverthorne and Sonic came walking up to her and played with her dog. She was able to secure him and the mission was complete!!! Great work Team Sonic!

Missing: 7/27/21-10/19/21

Nova is SAFE!!
Nova was missing for 84 days up in Wildernest in Silverthorne and was found only 1 mile from home!! She’s an indoor only cat who escaped her house in July. We quickly hung neons and did a thorough search all around the condos. No sightings came in for many weeks.
As the cold weather is approaching, Nova decided she had enough and literally ran inside someone’s house when the door was open. She hid up under the bed until they were able to capture her. After they made a FB post, we quickly realized it could be Nova and we notified Nova’s dad. Arrangements were made to meet at the shelter and IT WAS NOVA!! After 84 days, she only lost 1lb and overall is in good health. She and her dad are enjoying long overdue snuggles! Welcome Home Nova!!

Missing: 8/2/21-8/6/21

Booger was visiting from Ohio and he slipped out of the house.  After 4 days of searching, hanging neon signs and passing out flyers, the neighbor found Booger stuck inside the house!!!  Apparently she had been watering her neighbors flowers & he must've slipped inside while the door was open.  Booger is home safe with his mama!


Missing: 8/2/21-8/2/21- 6 hours

Autumn was enjoying a hike with her family when she escaped and got lost deep in the trail.  The owners searched for many hours with no luck.  We hung neons to get the word out quickly.  At 10pm, she scratched at the door at home.  This very smart girl made her way back home all on her own!!


Missing: 7/31/21-8/1/21

Puppy Eva is only 14 weeks old and she went missing in Frisco when she got scared from another dog. We had some severe torrential thunderstorms that evening and no sightings.  The next morning, our team saw someone comment on our Facebook post that he saw a dirty white puppy hiding at the Adventure Park.  The owner went immediately and within 10 minutes, Eva was safe!


Missing: 7/21/21-7/27/21

Sassy is an indoor/outdoor cat who has a regular schedule and always come home before dusk, except this time.  Her owner called us right away and asked for help. We did quick bastard search, hung neons and set up game cameras.  For days and days, nothing yet we continued to search. On the 6th day, the owner was gardening and Sassy came strolling home like nothing ever happened!

Missing: 7/9/21- 7/10/21

This sweet senior girl named Cupcake went missing from her home.  Her owner was quick to act and called us for help right away.  We hung our neons and owner laid out a scent station and we were quick to search.  No sightings came in, until the next day the owner found her stuck at a neighbors house near their porch.  She had some porcupine quills stuck in her face, but she was otherwise fine and happy to be back home with daddy!!


Missing: 7/4/21-7/19/21
Norman is an adventurous cat who loves to travel from Denver to steamboat with his humans. Well on the 4th of July Norman decided to explore the area by himself. Last seen at the mercantile. The owners we devastated. SLPR heard the story and reached out to the owners who were already up here hanging flyers. We helped them by hanging out big neon signs. Unfortunately we had no sighting at all of poor little Norman as the days went by. Then one evening on July 20th Norman came up walking to a house about a mile or 2 away. Skinny, thirsty and missing him parents. The family saw out sing a and flyers and knew about the missing cat. They called the number and his humans came right and took him home. 16 days for Norman!!

Quinn & Finley

Missing: 6/25/21-6/26/21


Two Sweet dogs, Quinn & Finley, were lost from their home in Frisco and the owner notified us right away, so we started our search protocols. (neon signs and scent station) We found out the next day that they were seen in Silverthorne at 1am!!!  The owner notified the police and we got our volunteers involved to help search. LOTS of sightings came in very quickly and we followed up on every lead.  Our volunteers Jenny & Erica saw the woman who had the dogs and were able to recover them safely and returned to owner.  What a GREAT team effort with the help of our volunteers, the owners, police, Summit Community and animal control and shelter, we followed leads and had a happy ending! We are so relieved they are back home!!! Great work team!



Missing: 5/6/21-5/7/21

WELCOME HOME PRINCESS!!! So happy for this very quick rescue for this sweet indoor only kitty who was missing for 1 day!! We are so grateful for the quick action from the owner. She reached out to us asking for help! We shared our Cat Search Tips and protocols with her and she got to work immediately hanging signs and doing a very thorough search in her yard. After a full day of searching, she went outside at dusk playing the recording of her food bowl. (which is a recording of her daughter's voice). She heard a faint meow and found her hiding under the canoe! GREAT JOB!!!

**Cat Search Tip- many indoor cats will hide in silence very close in their yard or neighbors yards. Its SO important to DIG DIG DIG in everything when searching for your kitty.



Missing: 3/1/21- 3/2/21


FOUND SAFE after 24 hours!!! Sweet 8 year old Gigi went missing in Breckenridge while vacationing here with her daddy for one night! We had the owner set up a comfort station (owner's dirty clothes) where she went missing, to create an orientation point for her to smell and stay in the area. We also gave the owner our Calming Techniques in case he saw her (see Stop Drop Think). Our volunteers hung some neon signs in the area to create awareness and sightings. (Thank you Lisa) Gigi was seen on some trails in Breck but nobody could catch her. She survived one very bitter cold -12 degrees night, and was found in a cabin a few miles away from where she was lost. She's a very smart girl finding shelter! Thank you TEAM GIGI, the owner, and Summit County Animal Control for your help in bringing her home to her amazing dad! Welcome home Gigi! You're a beautiful girl.


Missing: 2/16/21- 2/18/21


Ringo went missing from a hotel he was staying at with his family. Monet (the owner) took both her shelties out to potty and they were scared off by another dog. They pulled off there harnesses and ran two separate ways. Kat came back but Ringo took off toward the back. Monet tried to go toward him and follow, but she rolled her ankle and fell down and went to the hospital. A social media campaign was started by Denice immediately and she quickly took lead on this rescue and called us for help. Trinadad is over 4 hours from us, so we consulted with them remotely and gave suggestions and sent our search protocols. We asked that they put out a scent station (owner's dirty clothes) immediately and sent the calming techniques to follow. There were a handful of sightings and we reminded Monet to stay calm and DO NOT CALL OR CHASE and tell everyone at the hotel who was helping. She drove over to the last sighted area and sat in her car and Ringo came up to the passenger side.  She slipped out of the car quietly on the drivers side, asked the hotel staff to NOT approach and just sat there calmly tossing bacon & deli meat and following calming techniques- no eye contact, making yummy sounds.  He would inch closer to her and back away. She remained calm and patient until he finally got close enough to her where she could grab a hold of him.  RINGO WAS SAFE!! Special thanks to Trinidad Police, especially Officer Apple, Bob who brought the trap and helped, the crew from Big O'Tire, the hotel staff, including Phillip and Kricket! Great job Denice & Monet and thanks for trusting us to follow our search protocols!