More Success Stories
*this is a small fraction of the rescues that we've completed. We do our best to highlight our missions but can't get them all listed here. 

Missing: 9/16/22- 9/17/22- Lost 1day

OWNER FOUND & WELCOME HOME!!!! This is Eddie! He's an indoor only cat who escaped unknowingly from the owner. Get this.... he is 22 YEARS OLD!!! He's not hurt, not dying, just old and frail and arthritic! Thank you Ann for posting this sweet kitty, and thanks to our SLPR team who ran out to go save him!! Ashley Zac and Aaron!! Ya'll saved this guy!! Thank you Summit County Animal Control and Shelter for taking the kitty in and reuniting with its owner!!!

Missing: 9/1/22- 9/2/22- Lost 1.5 days


WELCOME HOME HANK!  Missing for 36 hours!

Hank is a sweet indoor only cat who escaped from his house. We had a couple Summit Lost Pet Rescue, Inc.  team members go out to search and our volunteer Laurie found him in a drain pipe two houses down. He was a FAST little guy and hopped from pipe to pipe around the neighborhood, until we were finally able to block him fully on both ends from the pipe. The owner showed up to try to lure him out, but he wouldn't budge. We decided to give him a little nudge (poke his butt with a pole) and it pushed him closer to his owner and he was finally able to put a lead leash around his neck and grab him by the neck.  After a bit of mud and a few scratches, we finally got him home safe and sound!

Missing: 6/20/22- 6/20/22- Lost 1/2 day

WELCOME HOME MAGGIE!!! She's an indoor only cat and this was a very terrifying missing report because Maggie fell off the 2nd story balcony in the morning and the owner was frantic. A friend of the owner called us and one of our volunteers found out as well and got our Team going. We told the owner to canvas the neighborhood and make all of my neighbors aware that she was missing right away. We also hung neons to get the word out asap. The owner says that it was a direct result of that effort that she was found. Neighbors helped search all day for her and at 11:30pm a neighbor found her in her window well. Maggie was unharmed by this fall fortunately and is very happy to be back home with her mama!

Missing: 4/30/22- 5/28/22- Lost 28 days



Michela is an Indoor Only cat who snuck out of her house on 4/30. Our team quickly did a thorough search inside the house as well as all around the condos. We hung neons, the owner hung flyers all over town, we set up a camera and baby monitor on their porch with owner's dirty closets and some yummy food and spread awareness through FB and NO sightings came in at all. We feared that she could've been stuck in a short term rental property or hopped a ride in a vehicle and got displaced. We kept HOPE alive and FINALLY on day 27 we got CONFIRMED SIGHTING yay!!! We quickly set up the camera there, placed yummy cat food and treats under the shed we thought she was hiding under and monitored for 24 hours. Our team woke at 4:35am and saw a pic of her there right at that moment, so we woke the owners up and asked them to go out quietly with a flashlight and sing her name quietly and calmly and SIT in one spot next to the shed. After 45 mins, she trusted her daddy and he heard her move under the shed. He placed his hand there and she laid her head on his hand. She was ready to come HOME!!!! We are thrilled for Michela and her family. They never gave up hope and they searched and worked SO hard to find her. Thank you TEAM MICHELA, it truly takes a village.

Missing: 4/5/22- 4/12/22- Lost 7 days


August, a small husky, got loose while ON leash during a hike up in Leadville. The owner did a very quick and efficient social media campaign on Facebook. One of our volunteers saw the post and quickly got our Team Leadville in action. They went out and helped him search, hung neon signs and we shared even more on FB. No sightings came in which was very rare for a husky, so we assumed that she was stuck somewhere on the leash. Finally, on Day 7, we get a sighing of a husky with a broken leash attached.  The owner's roommate, Leadville Animal Control and shelter staff, and our volunteers immediately went out and saw her.  The roommate did the calming techniques and August recognized him and came to him.  WELCOME HOME AUGUST!!  We are so thrilled you cut through your leash.

Lil Mamma
Missing: 1/20/22- 3/3/22- Lost 43 days

LIL MAMMA HAS BEEN FOUND after missing for 43 days!!!!

She went missing in Keystone on January 20th! We put up our usual neon signs, did a social media campaign to spread awareness, and went out with the owner to do multiple thorough searches and we didn't get one single sighting of her. The owner put yummy food and her bedding outside and where she went missing left a door cracked for her to come back inside. We talked to numerous neighbors to spread the word to continue looking in sheds, cars, dumpster, decks, etc

THEN...... 43 days later..... the owner gets a CALL from a local vet saying that THEY HAVE LIL MAMMA!!!! Apparently, she ended up in Dillon, by City Market, was found and taken to the nearest vet! Thank goodness she had a MICROCHIP to make this reunion possible!! Chances are Lil Mamma may have hopped in a car for safety or to get warm, and jumped out in Dillon and got displaced from her home. (This happens a lot with lost kitties, which makes it extra difficult)

WELCOME HOME LIL MAMMA!!! You are a tough, smart, and resilient kitty, and you're very lucky to have such a loving mama who never gave up!

**Good lesson here....... Please get your pets MICROCHIPPED!

Missing: 2/21/22- 8 hours

Quick kitty rescue today! The owner called us this afternoon and said her indoor only 8 month old kitty ran out the door and has been stuck under the shed since 7am today. The owner tried everything she could to get her out for 8 hours. Brandon and Melissa were actually having a meeting 5 minutes away so we both went together to assess the situation. (we hardly ever get to work rescues together so this was rare!)

We looked under the shed with a flashlight and saw the kitty's eyes looking back at us but we couldn't physically reach her to grab her as the wood was in our way. We poked around with a broom to try to get her to go out the other side but she wouldn't budge. The owner already tried leaving yummy food out all day, but she didn't want that either. We suggested leaving a trap at the opening where she went in and all leave to let her come out on her terms.

With a 3 day snowstorm coming in tonight, the owner asked if we could cut a hole in the bottom of the shed. While Brandon went to get the circular saw and the owner and Melissa were discussing the trapping option, the sweet baby kitty just wandered out on her own after 8 hours!!!! I guess we just had to show up with a trap, broom and a saw and she said "nope, you aren't putting me in that trap, I'm coming out now!"

Missing: 2/12/22-2/14/22

WELCOME HOME BERGEN!!! Bergen is an amazing sweet 1 year old choc lab mix. Her family came up to the mountains to have an reunion with some friends and wanted to go out and ski. They left Bergen with a dog sitter and she bolted when they left as she was looking for her parents. Her owners, CJ & Erin and friends, immediately informed us and extended their stay up in the county longer then they planned. We immediately had them set out a comfort scent station, grill out at their condo, hung neons, and our team searched along with the owners. Melissa coached them on calming techniques and explained the reason’s NOT to go out to do a large search party. (it would scare Bergen and make her run out of the area) A bunch of sightings came in, but some were false and others weren't 100% confirmed, but we always follow every lead to rule it out. Thank you to our volunteers, Tracee & Sarah, as they went on long solo hikes searching quietly for her and ruling out false sightings.

On Valentine's Day, Brandon went and met with CJ to chat about the next plan of action. Suddenly both their phones rang! We got a confirmed sighting of Bergen running around and crying on the hill behind Goodway Auto! They drove to the site and after about 30 seconds CJ saw Bergen 200 yards up the hill. He softly spoke her name and she immediately turned her head. They both knew the voice registered with her and immediately started calming techniques. The video shows the reunion and how happy Bergen was to see her papa. She charged down the hill and we could see her body movements relax and tail wag and we knew it was a sealed deal!!! Thank you to TEAM BERGEN for your dedication and help on this mission!!

Missing: 12/28/21-12/30/21


 WELCOME HOME INDY!! Indy went missing during a very cold winter storm warning in Breck, when he ran out the door from a vacation rental. We believe he had separation anxiety and was looking for his mom. The owners quickly contacted us and we put our team into action right away, hanging neon signs, putting out dirty clothes for Scent Station, and quickly doing a social media campaign. The owners and our volunteers ran out the door searching for him right away and did not stop until he was found safe. Sightings started coming in pretty quickly and we were happy to hear that he was staying in the area. But then, 26 hours went by with no sightings and we believe that he was hunkered down because of the snow. Then in the afternoon we started getting more sightings come in near the grocery store. A guy saw him run down Wellington and was able to capture him successfully!! Great work Team Breck and the owners, thanks for jumping on this rescue so quickly!

Missing: 12/23/21-12/29/21


Charley went missing on 12/23 and was found 6 days later. The owner reached out to us and our team put up neon signs and did a very quick social media campaign to get the word out and searched. We had neighbors calling letting us know that they were searching their properties to try to help. No sightings came in however on the 6th day Charley reappeared at his house and the owner heard him meowing outside. He was a very smart and resilient kitty making his way back home. He did suffer some injuries as it looked like he got into a fight. The vet however thinks he will have a full recovery. WELCOME HOME CHARLEY!!!

Missing: 12/9/21-12/12/21


WELCOME HOME SONIC! Missing for 3 days!

Sonic was a newly adopted dog that accidentally got out after a door was left open. We worked closely with the owner and shelter staff since Sonic just came from the shelter and was bonded with some of the shelter techs. So we got some scent articles from them to create a scent station to give him an orientation point to come back to his new home. We hung neons to get lots of sightings and had numerous volunteers out searching. On Day 3 one of our volunteers was walking her dog in Silverthorne and Sonic came walking up to her and played with her dog. She was able to secure him and the mission was complete!!! Great work Team Sonic!

Missing: 7/27/21-10/19/21

Nova is SAFE!!
Nova was missing for 84 days up in Wildernest in Silverthorne and was found only 1 mile from home!! She’s an indoor only cat who escaped her house in July. We quickly hung neons and did a thorough search all around the condos. No sightings came in for many weeks.
As the cold weather is approaching, Nova decided she had enough and literally ran inside someone’s house when the door was open. She hid up under the bed until they were able to capture her. After they made a FB post, we quickly realized it could be Nova and we notified Nova’s dad. Arrangements were made to meet at the shelter and IT WAS NOVA!! After 84 days, she only lost 1lb and overall is in good health. She and her dad are enjoying long overdue snuggles! Welcome Home Nova!!

Missing: 8/2/21-8/6/21

Booger was visiting from Ohio and he slipped out of the house.  After 4 days of searching, hanging neon signs and passing out flyers, the neighbor found Booger stuck inside the house!!!  Apparently she had been watering her neighbors flowers & he must've slipped inside while the door was open.  Booger is home safe with his mama!