Resource Partners

Carver Law, LLC

Breckenridge and Denver, CO


Carver Law, LLC provides a wide range of services relating to general, corporate, real estate and commercial matters including general business law, business mergers and acquisitions, estate planning, business entities and unincorporated associations, finance law, construction law, liquor licensing and real estate.

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Abbey's Coffee

Frisco, CO

720 East Main Street

Frisco, CO 80443


Zidel Financial, Inc.

Frisco, CO


Zidel Financial is a fee-only advisor that provides financial planning, investment advisory services, investment advisory accounts, investment management, estate planning, retirement planning, and tax planning.

Summit County Animal Control & Shelter

Frisco, CO


58 Nancy's Place

Frisco, CO 80443

(970) 668-3230

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Swift, Snow & Associates, LLC

Frisco, CO


965 N Ten Mile Drive
PO Box 5630


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Missing Animal Response Network

Brandon & Melissa

are MAR Graduates & Trained Pet Detectives from

Lost Pet Detective,

Kat Albrecht

Lost Pet Recovery- MAR Field Training


Dogs Get It by Mike Messeroff

Breckenridge, CO

Mike is donating a portion of his proceeds from his new book, Dogs Get It to Summit Lost Pet Rescue.

Custom Digital Pet Watercolors

Summit County, CO

Alisa will take your digital photo and transform it into a beautiful watercolor. 


She is donating a portion of her watercolor proceeds to Summit Lost Pet Rescue.