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Featured Rescues

*this is a small fraction of the rescues that we've completed. We do our best to highlight our missions but can't get them all listed here.


4/8/23- 5/14/23- LOST 5 WEEKS & 1 DAY


Miracles DO happen!!!

Riley went missing from his home on April 8th and literally just vanished. The owner reached out to us and we sent our search protocols -scent stations, signs, physical searches, social media posts, etc. The community searched and rallied with our amazing SLPR team and Animal Control but there were absolutely no sightings, no clues, nothing. We then expanded the awareness to outside of Summit county just in case he got picked up. Nothing!!

THEN, after 5 weeks and 1 day, the owner and our Summit Lost Pet Rescue, Inc. team got THE most amazing call from Summit County Animal Control and Shelter… RILEY WAS FOUND!! A hiker (AKA Riley's HERO!) found him up on Peak 4 at 12,000 ft. The hiker just happened to randomly be in the area and heard one loud bark. He then saw Riley hunkered down under a tree. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!! He wrapped him up and carried him allllll the way down to town and brought him to the shelter the next morning to be reunited with his Daddy. Such a beautiful moment!

Riley lost a lot of weight and had a low body temp but was treated at the vet right away. He is recovering so well now and getting his strength and feistiness back again with his fur-siblings. We are soooo grateful for this happy reunion. Thank you so much to our amazing SLPR team of dedicated volunteers, shelter & animal control, the hero hiker, and the owner for all the hard work and perseverance!


5/15/23- 5/21/23- LOST 7 DAYS


WELCOME HOME HOBBES- Missing for 7 days!!

Hobbes is a sweet indoor only cat who snuck out the door and ran away. He's not used to being outside so the owners contacted us right away. We sent them our cat search protocols and the search was on. We always suggest that they do a VERY thorough search immediately in their yard and next door neighbors yards. Some of these tips include- Check car engines (we've pulled a few out of engines), trailers, under decks, sheds, garages, look up in trees, inside drain pipes, and let all neighbors know asap so they can check inside Airbnb rentals. (many cats get stuck inside rentals). We also asked them to ask their neighbors to check Ring cameras and contact HOA. Flyers and signs were hung and posts were shared all over FB.

There were no sightings for 6 days, but they kept searching diligently every single day! Then on Day 7 (usually when hunger starts to take over), the owner heard a faint meow out the back door. He went outside and heard more meows under the deck. (see picture to see the hole in the deck) We searched this deck more than once and didn't see or hear him so we think he found his way back to the deck from elsewhere. We asked the owner to block the hole so the cat couldn't get out until we got there and told him to sit there calmly calling Hobbes name to see if he would inch his way out safely. And Hobbes did just that!! He nuzzled up to daddy's hand and he was able to securely grab him and pull him out!! YAYYYY success!!! Thank you to the owners who worked SO hard to get their baby back and thanks to Team SLPR for helping and being so awesome!!


5/1/23- 5/2/23- LOST 1 DAY



Moe is an INDOOR ONLY cat who escaped his house in Summit Cove when a toddler left the door cracked open.  He spends all his time inside and isn’t used to being outside at all. The owners reached out to us the next day and we gave them all of our cat search protocols for them to get started on right away and our team went over to search.  Instantly as we pulled up by the house, one of our volunteers saw the cat laying on a neighbor’s deck across the street.  We stood back and let the owner try calming techniques to get the cat to come.  She approached slowly, saying his name playfully while shaking treats, but he still ran and hid under the long deck.  It was too deep and narrow for us to fully climb under and get him to safety, but we army-crawled in mud and rocks as far as we could to try to flush him out using a pole to gently guide him out.  He was having none of it and hiding in the deepest corner not moving, so we got very creative :) We barricaded him in and blocked every single hole he could run out of, using cornhole boards, folding tables, rocks, wood, towels, coats and more. (yes we felt like Macgyver) We then set a baited trap for his only way “out”.  Within the hour, he was successfully trapped and safely back home.  


4/29/23- 5/1/23- LOST 2 DAYS


WELCOME HOME MARSHA!!! Marsha is from Denver and escaped from a friend’s home up here in Silverthorne, right off of I70.  She was initially seen running deeper into Wildernest near Salt Lick trail system, but then no sightings happened for almost 48 hours.  Our team stepped into action right away to help the owner.  We gave him our search protocols, neon signs were hung, scent stations were immediately put out and the search was on!  No further sightings came in until Day 2, she was seen by Lowes and then crossing the busy I70. Our team, the owner, Animal Control and Silverthorne PD all searched for her asap to try to prevent her from crossing back on the highway.  The owner and our volunteers spotted her up on the hill between I70 and Dillon Dam Rd and the owner instantly went to the river to coax her down gently.  Our team stayed back to give Marsha space and let the owner calmly get her down.  She recognized his voice and started wagging her tail!  She zig-zagged down the mountain, crossed the river and jumped into her owner’s arms and let out many loud yelps of joy and relief!  We ran down, leashed her and all took a huge sigh of relief with tears of joy!