Featured Rescues

*this is a small fraction of the rescues that we've completed. We do our best to highlight our missions but can't get them all listed here.

Mr. Biggs
Missing: 2/16/22- 4/27/22- 71 Days!


MICROCHIP FOR THE WIN!!! Mr Biggs has been FOUND after 71 days!!!! He went missing on Feb 16th in smith ranch in Silverthorne. Our shelter contacted us this morning saying that they got an email that said Mr Biggs microchip now says “found” coming from Larimer County Shelter near Fort Collins about 120 miles away!! The owner confirmed and is thrilled that he is safe and healthy. Mr. Biggs was relieved to see his daddy and has been happy being back home!

**Cats will often hide in cars when they get lost and many times they go for an unwanted ride and get displaced. He went for a heck of a ride!!! So happy he’s found!!!

**This is a perfect example of how Microchips save lives and help lost pets be reunited. If he wasn’t chipped, there would be a very slim chance that he would be coming home!! 

Missing: 2/14/22- few hours

This was an unexpected & quick successful mission.  Brandon saw this beautiful pit bull running down the street acting very skittish and knew immediately from of his movements that the dog was lost. He followed the dog down a service road where he lost him but found out an other dog chased him into the woods. He went back to his truck, notified Melissa to recruit team members, grabbed his snowshoes and pack and started to trail blaze through the woods for almost 2 hours. It was deep and we were afraid he’d get stuck in a tree well or stuck in branches or a hole. Brandon followed the tracks all the way to I-70. Cleared the roadway to make sure he wasn’t there then followed his tracks back. We followed the creek bed (which Brandon fell into soaking his feet lol) and lost his trail. He kept pushing on and being confident we’d find him. Low and behold… boom- there he was, tired, hurt and scared.
They were separated by a fence which made them both feel more comfortable. He was barking aggressively, but knowing dog behavior we knew it was only bc he was scared, not violent. We reached out to Summit County Animal Control and Shelter to get a reach pole on scene. Our volunteer, Tracee treaded though hip high snow to relieve Brandon so he could show AC where exactly we were. Tracee sang to him to keep him calm. Pam, Mike and Amy showed up to help support with what we needed. Meg from the shelter showed up and was able to get him with the reach pole within a few minutes. He was bleeding from his nail but otherwise ok and was transported to the shelter. We found a lost dog post for him on FB and connected the owner to the shelter for an awesome reunion! 

Missing: 2/11/22-2/20/22- 10 days



Cleo is a sweet 3 year old indoor only kitty who escaped from her mom’s car down the block from their house and jumped out the driver door. They reached out to us and our team put up neons and did a social media campaign to spread awareness to the neighbors immediately. We set cameras up along with a food station right away but all we got were foxes and birds. Our amazing team of volunteers searched on foot every single day until we found her. (Thank you Curtis, Amy, Suz Anne & Karen!) We searched high and low in every single possible hiding spot she could be within a few block radius. The HOA sent out an email asking owners to search garages and let renters know too. We had suspicions that she was hanging near the broken hot tub, but we searched under the deck boards and didn’t see her at all. We didn’t get ANY sightings at all and were getting nervous with the snow storm coming in.

We decided to change the location on the camera and BOOM, we got a pic of her that night in the parking lot near her home. We set a trap the next day with yummy food and her mom’s dirty clothes. Later that evening, she came out from the hot tub and we had her trapped within a couple hours after that!! Our volunteers Curtis and Suz were there within minutes and brought her inside to get her warm! It was such a precious reunion with her mom the next day. Our hearts couldn’t be happier for sweet Cleo! Yay for TEAM CLEO, thanks for ALL of your hard work and congrats on your trapping success!!

Missing: 2/9/22-2/11/22-3 days

SAFELY TRAPPED!!! Bullet is a male dog who was recently adopted and got loose after only 5 days. He jumped out of a window and took off around the neighborhood. He did what lost and skittish dogs normally do, RUN nonstop!! Our team was notified and jumped into action right away, hanging neons, the owner set out a scent station at home and we searched all over. They knew NOT to chase him and used Calming techniques which helped keep him in the area. Sightings came in very quickly and we tracked his travel pattern. We knew where he was settling down so we set a trap. At one point, he actually sat there about 15 feet from us and watched us set up the trap. He was too skittish to come so we knew the trap was the best option. After we set the trap, we caught him in less than two hours, and he’s safe and happy at home! Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who helped save Bullet!! He was trapped in a very windy snowstorm where a big mama moose and her two babies are seen daily. Our team got to him within minutes and home safe!! 

Missing: 12/31/21-12/31/21- 4 hours

Bindi was lost from home while her mama was out of town and stuck on I70 due to the winter storm warning. She was really anxious and darted out of the door when the neighbor came over to check on her. They called us immediately and a team of us went out to search within minutes and got it up all over Facebook to spread the word. We got a sighting after a couple hours saying that Bindi was barking at a neighbors window many blocks away. We asked them to put out some yummy food and instructed our search team of volunteers and neighbors, to stay away from the street where she was seen. About 15 minutes later she came back to eat the yummy food, but when they opened up the door to try to coax her in, she bolted. I then asked them to leave a food trail leading into the house with the open door. She came back again to eat the food and poked her head in the front door. They slowly opened it more and she came wandering in. Once safely inside, the shut the door behind her. We call this a "House Trap". We are SO grateful they called us and for their help in this rescue. WELCOME HOME BINDI!!

Missing: 12/22/21-12/25/21

Stella is a 5 year old doodle who got out after the door was accidentally left open. She ran from Dillon Valley, across I-70, near UPS neighborhood and up to the lower part of Wildernest. Our team moved into action quickly as we did not like her crossing over I70 and we immediately shared our calming techniques. We asked the community NOT TO CHASE her so that she could settle in one place and stop running on I70. We hung neons and started tracking all of the sightings that started to come in immediately. We had a good idea where she was settling so we set up a comfort/scent station with her dog bed and owners dirty clothes, along with a camera at a place she was seen sleeping. A day went by with no sightings and she did not appear on our camera, but we didn't give up hope. We believe she was hunkered down due to the snow storms. The next day sightings were coming in and we were relieved that she stayed in the area because she smelled her owners clothes at the scent station and knew she was supposed to be near there. At one point, the owner's son, saw her and Stella just looked at him and walked away. This is very common for dogs to not come to their owners when they are in fight or flight survival mode! Finally, the owner and son stayed in the area all evening until about 9:30pm and drove through the condo complex where she was been seen. Mom finally saw Stella standing in the street and got out calmly and softly called her name. Stella came right over to her momma, who worked tirelessly and around the clock, to bring home her baby girl. The owners hard work, scent articles, neon signs and calming techniques saved this sweet girl. The date of capture was December 25th- Christmas Day!! What an amazing Christmas present for Stella, her family and our team who all worked very hard to get this girl to safety!! She is recovering well! Way to go TEAM STELLA!!

Mama Abby
Missing: 11/28/21-12/4/21

Abby aka “Mama” was a pregnant stray in New Mexico and our Volunteer, Erica Currey, who also fosters & rescues dogs, took Abby in right before she gave birth to 10 beautiful puppies. Someone showed interest in wanting to adopt her, so they did a visit to see if Abby was a good fit. On the 1st day Abby wiggled out of her harness and took off and was lost north of town in very rural farm land. We went into action rather quickly as Brandon touched base and we started the protocols. Coleen brought the puppies blanket out to the area last seen so we could put in on the property in front a camera. (Scent/Comfort station). Early that morning “Mama” came sniffing and it gave her a point of orientation. Over the next few days she showed up but with no interest in the food left in a trap or her puppies. We had no sightings for a few days and were worried after hearing a pack of coyotes. We believed she was smart and heard/smelt them and went into hiding.  Erica came out that following Saturday and walked around singing her name. Hours went by and dark came. We went home and got a call that Mama was seen walking up the same path as Erica did. We re-baited the trap and Erica got the call at 11:13pm saying MAMA HAS BEEN TRAPPED after 7 days!!  Welcome Home Mama. We never gave up on you. Love you Mama girl!



Missing: 8/4/21-11/6/21

WELCOME HOME MAKOTO- Missing for 3 months!!!
This was an interesting rescue, as we didn't even know he was missing! We received multiple calls about a black/white cat in Silverthorne running across Hwy 9, and hanging out in the same area, looking very very skinny. Our volunteers of TEAM FIRCY and FIRC literally worked around the clock 24/7 for 7 days and nights. Thank you all for your nonstop dedication on this mission!! We conditioned him to come regularly and on Day 7 we had him TRAPPED!! Thank you Kathy Wilson for getting him within 10 minutes of being trapped and taking him home at 1:30am to keep him safe until we got him to the shelter the next morning. Kathy & Amy Kahle took this kitty to the shelter (because we never ever ever release them from the trap until they are in a safe, secure location), and saw that he had a collar with a tag (YAY!!) and a phone number! They called and the owner answered right away with disbelief that we FOUND his lost kitty, Makoto!! He told us that his cat jumped out the window 3 months prior and has been missing since. He is healthy and happy to be home with his husky brother!

Missing: 9/27/21-10/10/21
Buzzy is finally SAFE at home!! Indoor only kitty, missing 14 days since 9/27 when he evacuated from the wildfire. We trapped him at 2:30am on 10/10!! Neon signs, the help of the home owners where Buzzy was hanging out, and around the clock volunteers checking the trap saved this little guy! (thanks Kathy Wilson Amy Kahle Vikatolia Marie Palepale Jason, Audrey & Derrick)
Great work Reese Hyde getting your first trap set up and Congrats Teresia Swift & Scott on your first field ops with us and you were the one who saw Buzzy in the trap. Thanks for taking him home, keeping him safe and taking him to Summit County Animal Control and Shelter Thanks to our amaizng partners at the shelter for giving him some loving, warmth and safety until his owners got back in town. WELCOME HOME BUZZY!!!!

Missing: 9/9/21-9/12/21

GOOBER IS SAFE!!! Goober is brand new to Summit County, and he had a seizure, slipped his collar and went missing for 4 days. He ran alllllll over Frisco- the marina, hospital, on I70 highway, Walmart, shelter, etc. Our TEAM FRISCO Volunteers rocked it and were all over town searching with Summit County Animal Control and Shelter and Frisco PD, hanging neons and following sightings. We got a sighting of him yesterday and I was one block away. PD, a shelter volunteer and our SLPR volunteer, were all on scene doing exactly the right thing NOT CHASING and keeping people away from the dog and just waiting for us and the owners to arrive. I started the calming techniques while I waited for the owners to arrive. Within minutes, they were there and I stepped aside and hid behind this cabin and started filming and coaching them. They did EXACTLY the right things and let Goober take his time and trust them enough to come up to mama and smell her. You can see the moment he recognized mom when his tail starts wagging!!!
This is a perfect example of how dogs DO NOT RECOGNIZE THEIR OWNER when they are lost and in fight or flight survival mode. Many owners and the general public don't believe us when we tell them that their dog may not recognize them and run away when they approach. This is why we preach DO NOT CHASE and use these Calming Techniques! This rescue only took 15 minutes once the owners arrived, however sometimes, this process can take many hours or days to accomplish.
Patience and letting the dog come to you is key!! We are SO proud of the owners and grateful that they trusted our protocols. Welcome Home Goober!! 

Missing: 8/13/21-8/13/21

This sweet girl was a shelter dog waiting to be adopted into her forever home. She escaped while on a walk with a volunteer and ran quickly all over Frisco. Our SLPR TEAM FRISCO worked quickly with Summit County Animal Control & Shelter. We got a call that she was hiding under a deck and our team went right away to start calming techniques and keep people away from her.  Victoria arrived and crawled under the deck and was able to grab her leash and secure her.  She jumped right in her car and laid down and she didn't try to bolt when they arrived at the shelter.  She went right in her kennel like a good girl. We think she was relieved to be safe!